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Hood River, Oregon is a haven for those that enjoy incredible natural wonders and a community that takes their food, and of course, their beer, very seriously. There are endless ways to enjoy your time here, so it is virtually impossible to run out of things to do around the area. But still, you can find plenty of joy in a short time in Hood River. Here are the best Hood River activities for your 48 hour trip.

Begin Your Adventure

Every trip here should start with an exploration of the Columbia River Gorge—a wonderland of towering cliffs sandwiching a raging river and countless waterfalls. Hiking is the best way to experience it, and is always a good start to your Hood River adventures. Begin at Starvation Creek State Park and just enjoy a picnic under the waterfall, or take to the Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail to see more beautiful sights. After enjoying the outdoors, take to town for a pub crawl. There are an astounding number of local breweries along the Waterfront Park that you can walk in between for delicious beer and a taste of the culture here.

Continue the Fun with These Hood River Activities

This day should be dedicated to playing in the snow regardless of the season, as Mt. Hood is the only place in the country that is open throughout the entire year. Head to the Timberline Lodge just an hour south for skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and everything in between. After this, it is time to grab a delicious bite to eat at a local favorite like the Hood River Taqueria. Then it is time to enjoy the water! You can find yourself a nice spot on the shore of the Columbia River for some fishing and relaxing, or you can rent paddleboards, kayaks, and more for some watersports fun! Finish off the trip with a meal at one of Hood River’s most celebrated restaurants like Celilo Restaurant and Bar.

Find a Place to Stay That You Will Love

As you will need to spend a significant portion of your time here resting up, you might as well find a place that you will love to do so. Finding the perfect vacation rental is often an overlooked aspect of how to really make the most out of the weekend getaway. You should find a place that is beautiful from the outside to the inside that also offers all of the comforts of home. A spacious floorplan, cozy furniture, quality beds, and a full kitchen are a must, while added features like fireplaces, hot tubs, and balconies with great views are always a welcome addition. The easiest way to check all of this off of your list is by trusting the experts at Hood River Vacation Rentals. This is guaranteed by the most expansive listings in the area, so there is something for every budget and need. See how easy it is to find a vacation rental that you will love when you contact us today!

Planning your next vacation? Here are top 10 reasons to choose Hood River vacation homes over hotel rooms.

1. $$$!

Vacation Homes are almost always less expensive than hotels. Hotels in Hood River can cost around $200/nt. That is just for one room and one bathroom! You are able to stay at super nice 2 or 3 bedroom Hood River vacation homes with Hood River Vacation Rentals for less than that.

2. Space!

The average size of vacation rentals in Hood River is typically around 2000 square feet. That’s over 6 times the square footage of an average hotel room. So for those of you who don’t like confined spaces (and I am guessing that is most of you since you are thinking of vacationing in Hood River- the land of open wild places), a vacation rental is a win-win for you!

3. Meals! 

Whenever you want. No need to work around that hotel breakfast, when you could be whipping up some fresh eggs from the local market whenever you choose to roll out of bed.  You are on vacation after all;)

4. Gear Storage!

For other towns this may be a non-issue, but when you are visiting Hood River, chances are you’re gonna have some kind of gear. Bikes, Kites, Snowboards, Skis, Rafts, Canoes etc.   Often hotels aren’t spacious enough for these extra items and may not allow you stash these items behind their desk. That’s when you need a garage, which most vacation rentals at Hood River Vacation Rentals have. Easy.

5. Summer Grillin’!

This may not be the number one thing you are thinking of doing on vacation, but let me tell you Hood River Vacation Rentals have some of THE best views of the Gorge and what better way to enjoy it than by grilling some fresh local veggies and fresh caught salmon on the deck with some friends?!

6. Doggies!

Hood River Vacation Rentals has about 3 dogs roaming the office on any given day, so we get it!  Your dog goes everywhere with you; they are family too!  Sure, some hotels are pet friendly, but what’s great about our Hood River vacation homes is the fenced yards, and you aren’t sharing a paper thin wall with your neighbor! Some vacation homes offer pet towels as well as dog dishes ~ check with the friendly vacation specialists at Hood River Vacation Rentals to see which pet friendly home would suit you!

7. Kiddos!

Let’s face it, kids can be noisy! Their laughter and happy, joyful squeals of delight can be even louder on vacation.  They are excited and they don’t care who knows! In a vacation home this is awesome! Let them be, share in on the joy! But in a hotel, meh. You may get knocks from your neighbor who has to wake up for a conference meeting, not so relaxing!

8. Babies! 

How nice would it be to not have to tip-toe around after the littles fall asleep?! When you rent a vacation home, you have the option to rent a home with several bedrooms for such situations. After the kiddos are tucked in snug, the adults can enjoy their own bottle!

9. Easy on the budget!

You know exactly what you are paying for the stay up front, and you pay for the trip in two installments to help spread out the expense. No hidden fees and surprises upon check out. Surprises are over-rated. (at least in this case).

10. Privacy!

Who hasn’t gone to have a soak in the hotel hot tub, but that one person just won’t stop staring?!  Well, when you stay at a Hood River Vacation Rental with a hot tub, we assure you, discomfort from strangers not included!

We hope you find this list handy when determining your next lodging destination! Check out our Hood River vacation homes to find the perfect place for your next stay. Happy Travels from Hood River Vacation Rentals!