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umbrellafallsWaterfalls are a plenty in The Columbia River Gorge. There are over 20! One of the first things we always tell our guests is be sure to stop at all the waterfalls on your trip from the PDX airport. It’s a straight shot once you get onto I-84 from the Portland Airport to Hood River with SO many waterfalls in just a 45 minute drive. If you are  feeling lazy or if it is raining cats and dogs you can just do the drive by route on Highway 30. If you have time or want to get in the true Pacific Northwest spirit and hike some trails these are the ones worth the trek! If you only have time to make it to just one on your drive from the airport, may we suggest the largest of the bunch – Multnomah Falls the typically the main attraction and tallest coming in at a 600 foot fall Standing at the bottom of this guy is sure to knock your socks off when you first land in Oregon! You can take an easy walking path up for a closer view and even get a little spritzer from Oregon’s finest Mt. Hood watershed. Once you arrive in Hood River I have a personal favorite for you to check out – this one does involve hiking, so strap on your boots and find a hiking stick! Drive South on Hwy 35 heading towards Government Camp and Mount Hood approximately 25 – 30 miles from Hood River. Close to 4 miles round trip and well worth it the hike – you can even climb up to the falls and stand under them should you be feeling very adventurous! For a complete list of all of the waterfalls in the area check out Columbia River Gorge Info. They have done an excellent job of compiling all the Columbia River Gorge waterfalls in the area! Happy travels! photo credit to Lewis Taylor