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3 Tips for Traveling Light in Hood River

There are many benefits to traveling light. It’ll take you less time to pack and unpack, you’ll have less items to worry about losing, and you’ll have less weight on your shoulders and in your hands at the airport. Check out our three best Hood River travel tips when traveling light:

Tip #1: Pack Smart for the Weather

In a place like Hood River where we get the full wonderful range of the four seasons, you’ll want to take care to pack smart for the weather. Check the weather forecast right before you travel to get the most accurate reflection of what the weather will be like when you’re here. That way you don’t pack any extras you won’t even need. Nobody wants to bring along an umbrella they’re never going to take out of the suitcase, right? Ditch all the “just in case” items and you’ll thank yourself later.

Tip #2: Rent Equipment Locally

There are a ton of activities here in Hood River that require some equipment. You’re probably excited about skiing on Mt. Hood, or snowboarding, or even kiteboarding. Maybe you want to go paddleboarding or kayaking on the gorgeous Columbia River. Maybe you want to go biking along one of our lovely mountain trails. Whatever athletic adventures you want to get up to here in town, make it easier on yourself by renting the equipment you need locally instead of bringing your gear from home. Anything you need, you’ll find it available for rent here in Hood River, and you’ll thank yourself when you’re not lugging skis around!

Tip #3: Stay in a Rental Home, Not a Hotel

Hotels are lackluster when it comes to space and amenities. There’s no way you’ll be able to bring a rented bike up to your hotel room! So, take your stay to the next level by renting a vacation rental home. With that choice comes extra freedom, space, and a wealth of amenities that will make your trip easier, such as access to a washer and dryer. That means less clothes to pack. You’ll have awesome storage space in your rental home for whatever equipment you’ve rented while you’re in town too.

Spend Your Stay with Hood River Vacation Rentals

When you spend your Hood River vacation in a Hood River Vacation Rentals home, you’re ensuring the easiest and simplest travel experience, designed for your comfort, and to take away all the stress of traveling to a new city. Check out our catalog today to get started.

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