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Hood River info: lavender is a popular crop grown

5 Pieces of Hood River Info You May Not Know!

Oregon is home to some incredible communities. While Portland and Bend often get all of the credit, there are countless more. Hood River is a smaller city on the Oregon-Washington border which it is known for its amazing beauty, like many places in the state. But the city also has some amazing qualities that many people know nothing about. The following are five of these well-kept pieces of Hood River information.

Year-Round Skiing

You read that right: You can get your skiing fix on Mt. Hood even during the heart of summer! Mt. Hood has the longest ski season of anywhere in the country, and Timberline Lodge’s Palmer Snowfield is open for business throughout the entire year. This makes this an amazing place to visit for the winter sports enthusiasts out there!

It is Home to the Biggest “Fruit Loop” in the World

Okay so this has nothing to do with cereal. The Fruit Loop is a 35-mile loop along the Highway 35 and Highway 281 that shows you the amazing charm of this beautiful valley. There are 29 stops along the way that each offer something unique. At a given stop, you might find strawberry picking, wine tasting, local crafts, and so much more.

It is Near the Second Largest Waterfall in the United States

Willamette Falls is an incredible sight to see and it is just a few miles from Hood River. This waterfall is a spectacular sight at 40 feet high and 1,500 feet wide. Any trip to Hood River is made better by a short drive down to Oregon City to see this national treasure.

It is a Lavender Haven

This is a great place to visit for anyone who loves flowers. There are a couple of places that you must visit while you are here in the town’s two, that’s right, two lavender farms. Strolling about these farms is an incredible experience for the eyes and for the nose as well.

They Take Their Beer Very Seriously

Like virtually every other town in Oregon, beer is a big part of the culture in Hood River. The state itself has the second most breweries per capita in the world, while the city of Portland has the greatest number of craft breweries at 75. Hood River carries this Oregon tradition on with a few amazing breweries of their own and plenty of places to enjoy other locally crafted brews.

Here is some Hood River Info: It Has Amazing Vacation Rentals

On top of all these amazing opportunities, every visitor of Hood River has the chance to stay in one of the town’s amazing homes. There is a wide variety of unique properties that each provide a comfortable place to stay. You can find luxurious accommodations as well as more simple living. Regardless of what you are looking for, it has never been easier to find it than it is with Hood River Vacation Rentals, the one-stop shop for finding an amazing place to stay. See how we can improve your time in Hood River with one of our amazing rental homes!

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