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Hood River Museum

When your family wants to take a break from the great outdoors, Hood River is full of intriguing museums that will satisfy the curiosity of any traveler. Your dad might have a fascination for historic planes and automobiles and your youngest daughter could want to learn more about the local history. Your friend from college wants to test her expertise about the Gorge’s stunning vistas, or your work friend may be obsessed with old motorcycles. This just one of the exceptional museums in Hood River. It has a little something for every curious soul!

The Western Antique Air and Auto Museum

This Hood River museum contains over two acres of exhibits that feature antique airplanes and automobiles, with one of the largest collections of still-flying and driving examples in the country. Check out hundreds of aircraft, cars, tractors, motorcycles, military jeeps and engines on display, or see them in action, flying and driving on the second Saturday of every month! Whether you want to feast your eyes on a Ford Model A or the 1917 Curtiss JN-4D Jenny, a Studebaker or a classic Harley Davidson, all of your favorites are here. The WAAAM Air & Auto Museum is open daily from 10am and 2pm not including select holidays.

The History Museum of Hood River County

Less than 10 minutes from Hood River’s historic downtown, you can discover Hood River’s history with exciting exhibits and inventive programs that investigate early settlers in the area, Native American Culture, the history of timber, logging and agriculture, and more. Kids of all ages will enjoy the Museum’s Exploration Space with hands-on displays and activities. Whether you’re hearing stories of the crafts and industry that developed this area in the past, or local events that have altered its future, this museums in Hood River Oregon will tell you riveting stories that will take you back in time.

Be sure to take advantage of the 90-minute walking tour of downtown Hood River and learn about the frontier and development and hear stories about the buildings you pass everyday! The museum is open Monday through Saturday, 11am until 4pm, and tickets are just $10 per person.

Museum In Hood River Oregon

This museum in Hood River Oregon is dedicated to the geology, history, plants, animals, and economic life of the Gorge. The Columbia River Gorge was protected by the National Scenic Act in 1986 and it’s home to gorgeous landscapes, rare and unusual plants, extensive wildlife, and other cultural and historic cultures and spaces. Learn about the volcanic eruptions and ice age floods that sculpted Gorge. Stand at the feet of an ancient mammoth that once walked these lands or take in the 10,000 years of native history in the region. Hear about what Lewis and Clark first saw as they entered this landscape. The museum is open every day from 9am until 5pm.

After a Long Day of History

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