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Kite, Surf, & SUP

Nothin’ better than epic warm westerly winds!

People come from all around to visit Hood River and hit the Columbia River, whether it’s to swim and play and chill by the waterside, or to get active with kiteboarding, windsurfing, and stand-up paddle boarding. If you’ve never tried these water sports, now is the time. You don’t have to be an expert or own all the equipment. There are top-notch rentals and affordable lessons with experts waiting for you here in Hood River. The water is perfect. Come on and jump in!


Kiteboarding is an extreme action sport that will have you shouting in triumph as you zip across the surface water. It’s a creative mashup of all sorts of different sports, like snowboarding, paragliding, and surfing. You’ll feel as though you’re flying with that kite string in your hand.

Cascade Kiteboarding School – Cascade Kiteboarding runs private kiteboarding lessons out of Stevenson, Washington and Hood River, Oregon.CKB caters to individuals looking for a private and more personalized learning experience. The personalization of each lesson is what makes Cascade unique. Each lesson is customized to the student’s level, progressing at a comfortable pace, but yet presenting challenges and benchmarks for the student to attain.

Event Site, Portway Ave, Hood River, OR 97031
(541) 392-1212

New Wind Kite School – Here, you’ll find great instructors, natural progression and fast track program to get you up and riding quickly. They say Hood River is the ideal place for learning how to kiteboard, so take advantage of that!

Hood River Event Site, Portway Ave, Hood River, OR 97031
(541) 387-2440


Windsurfing is a water sport that plays out on the surface as a cross between surfing and sailing. Have you ever dreamed of having more control over where the board is taking you while you were surfing? Well, then windsurfing is the sport for you!

Big Winds – If you want to learn how to windsurf, Big Winds is the place to go. The instructors have years of experience and an infectious passion for the sport that will get you excited about it right away. This place is right downtown with parking and picnic bench aplenty. They also have a great selection of new kite gear plus accessories and clothes if you’re looking to shop for some gear of your own.

Front St, Hood River, OR 97031
(541) 386-6086


If kiteboarding and windsurfing are more extreme than you’re prepared for, or if you have a family with younger members, or if you simply want a more relaxing day than an athletic adventure, then stand-up paddle boarding might be the perfect sport for you. The best thing about SUP is you can do it anywhere! On the river, lakes, ponds… and Hood River County has some of the most pristine spots to set your paddles!

Gorge Paddling Center — Let the experts here at the paddling center guide you into being an expert yourself on the art of SUP. By the end of the day, you’ll feel like one with the water.

101 N 1st St, Hood River, OR 97031
(541) 806-4190


Hood River Water Play – Learn to surf on your holiday!

Windance – Sells new and used great and is a great resource for repairs. Great swap meets during the season!

Sailworks – Need gear – these are your go-to guys.

Second Wind Sports – Kiteboarding, snowboarding and skiing, windsurfing and clothes. There’s used gear as well.


Gorge Kiteboard School – Mark Worth (Red Beard) will get you up and riding safely and confidently.

Not only do we have the gorgeous Columbia River, but you’ll also find the Lost Lake and Laurance Lake also provide the perfect pallet to paint the water with your board, whatever kind of board it may be.


Don’t forget to think about the place where you’ll be laying your head in the evening! Call us today at 1-877-260-2519 to get started on finding the rental home you’re daydreaming of.

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