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Wet Planet

Experience the rugged beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the Columbia River Valley by booking a whitewater rafting adventure with Wet Planet Rafting! Gain access to exclusive areas along the White Salmon River in Washington and experience waterfalls, unique rock formations, lush green forests, and wildlife like never before.

About White Salmon River

Running for 40 miles south from the glaciers of Mount Adams in Washington to the Columbia River in Oregon, the waters of White Salmon River run clear year-round. Once a lava tube, the narrow, volcanic basalt canyons of the White Salmon River twist through the dense forest before opening up into a sunny valley.

Since the dam in White Salmon River was purposely breached in 2011, the river has been flowing freely for its entire length. This creates powerful and exciting challenges along the Class III-IV rapids that White Salmon River provides.

Perfect for beginner and advanced rafters alike, the class III-IV whitewater rapids of White Salmon River have attracted whitewater enthusiasts for decades.

About Wet Planet

Created by whitewater professionals who wanted to provide a high-quality experience to guests, Wet Planet provides a high level of guest service and risk management.

Wet Planet sets the bar high for the Pacific Northwest’s commercial whitewater industry by focusing on safety and staff training. From the type of equipment they choose to how they train their guides, Wet Planet leads the whitewater tourism industry in the Pacific Northwest.

Wet Planet offers:

● River rafting trips with experienced and energetic guides
● Whitewater kayak lessons & instruction from experts
● They even do river rescue training!

Tours with Wet Planet

Offering both whitewater kayaking and rafting tour, Wet Planet Rafting has both shorter half-day trips and longer full-day trips. For the intrepid whitewater enthusiast, Wet Planet also offers multi-day trips in Idaho and Southeast Oregon.

In addition, Wet Planet offers pro training for guides, pro training for rescue, youth classes, and skill clinics. Wet Planet is the place to go in Southern Washington and Northern Oregon for all things whitewater! We personally love the full-day White Salmon River adventure and the Main Salmon River Idaho overnight trip.

Some of the basic rafting tours they offer are the White Salmon Half-Day and Full-Day. The White Salmon River Half-Day is a medium difficulty rafting trip that spans 8 miles and runs from April to October. This trip is open to ages 10+ and costs $70. The White Salmon River Full-Day is also medium difficulty, but you’ll see a much longer stretch of the river: 15 miles. The full-day rafting experience is open from June to October to ages 10+ and costs $130.

If you have some prior rafting experience and you’re looking for something truly challenging, consider taking the Wind River rafting tour. This one has a high difficulty level, and runs through 11 miles of excited, rushing waters. This trip is for ages 18+ only and costs $125.

Take a look at their website to find out about more of the rafting experiences that Wet Planet offers. There are so many different options!

All around the White Salmon River where you’ll be spending your day with Wet Planet are natural wonders and fun experiences just waiting for you to find them. Visit the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area, a designated National Scenic Area that’s been given extra protection because of how beautiful and important it is. You’ll understand when you gaze off these breathtaking cliffs onto the waters below and taste that fresh mountain air. You’ll also find other fun activities nearby, like North Western Lakes Riding, where you can get a guided horse ride through a beautiful area, and Meadows Mountain View Farms, which is a nice place to simply pull over and enjoy a spare moment together with an unbeatable view of Mount Hood.

Restaurants Nearby

Just a few minutes north of Wet Planet in a quaint old log-cabin is The Logs Restaurant. It’s not far, but it’s definitely out of the way of Hood River, so your trip up to Wet Planet to go river rafting or kayaking is a great excuse to pay The Logs Restaurant a visit. This is a must-try in the Columbia Gorge area, from their crisp local brews and wines with hints of mountain flavors all the way to their hearty burgers, fresh pies, and milkshakes. You’ll be glad you ate here.

Stay with Hood River Vacations

Stay close to Wet Planet’s headquarters in White Salmon, Washington by booking a vacation rental in nearby Hood River, Oregon. Located just across the river from White Salmon, Hood River is a small but lively mountain town.

Known for its accessibility to the outdoors and its award-winning restaurants, Hood River offers guests a unique opportunity to play outside by day and play in town by night.

Whether you’re searching for a simple, multi-story home or a luxury condo, we have several options for you to choose from in Hood River. Take a look at our available Hood River vacation rentals today!

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