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White Salmon River

Since the Condit Dam was purposefully breached in 2011, White Salmon River has been flowing freely South from the base of Mount Adams to the Columbia River. Stretching more than 40 miles, parts of White Salmon River Oregon have been designated as National Wild & Scenic areas by the US Forest Service. Known for its rapid, turquoise green waters, White Salmon River is a popular whitewater rafting destination.

About White Salmon River

Traveling 40 miles South from Mount Adams in Washington to the Columbia River, which separates Oregon from Washington, White Salmon River is one the best rivers for kayaking and whitewater rafting in Washington.

Known for its turquoise blue waters, several sections of White Salmon River have been designated a National Wild & Scenic Area by the US Forest Service. After spending an afternoon on the river or along its banks, it’s easy to understand how this beautiful and powerful river got its designation.

White Salmon River Attractions

One of the reasons White Salmon River is so wild, beautiful, and unique, is because it is one of the only undammed rivers in the Pacific Northwest. Since the Condit Dam was purposefully breached in 2011, the White Salmon River has been flowing uninhibited for over 40 miles.

Its long stretches of powerful, rapid water make White Salmon River Oregon an excellent destination for white water rafting and kayaking. To experience an afternoon on White Salmon River, book a whitewater rafting adventure with Wet Planet Rafting & Kayaking. Based out of White Salmon, Washington, Wet Planet makes the planning and accessibility to White Salmon River easy.
If you’ve never been rafting or kayaking in the Hood River area, or if you’ve never been at all, you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity. Take a full-day guided trip down the river with these energetic professionals, whose passionate love for White Salmon River is always contagious.

Things to Do Nearby

Sitting along the White Salmon River to the west is North Western Lakes Riding. This is one of the most beautiful places in the world that you could take a guided horse ride. It’s also a fun activity to do with the family or with your significant other, regardless of whether you have riding experience or not. Whatever your experience level is, your guide will make it a unique excursion with a lasting impression; a mountain memory that you’ll always cherish.

Near the end of the White Salmon River is the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area, which is a designated National Scenic Area protecting the majestic canyon that the river has carved through the Cascade Mountains over millions of years. From the cliffs to the waterfalls to the trees in-between, this area is a priceless artifact of history and deserves all the protection that it has been given by its status as a National Scenic Area. After your day rafting the White Salmon River, go and see the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area in all its glory. It’s a perfect place for a quiet bike ride with someone you love.

Restaurants Nearby

At the tail end of the White Salmon River, where it deposits all its rushing waters into the larger Columbia River, is Lewis and Clark Highway running along the northern shore. Here you’ll find some delicious restaurant options to quench your appetite before or after a long day in the outdoors enjoying the White Salmon River.

Head to White Salmon Baking Co. for a selection of confections that will have your mouth watering from the moment you step in the door. Get the true down-home Hood River experience with bread baked in a woodfire oven. Pull out a book on a rainy afternoon and tuck yourself in for a cozy afternoon with a slice of pie and a hot cup of coffee.

If you’re looking for a heartier meal after your day at the river, head over to Pioneer Pizza Kitchen, where you can get classic pizza served by a friendly staff. Try the Queen Vic, with its olive oil base, roasted garlic topping light mozzarella, chicken, feta, and lemon crema.

Stay with Hood River Vacations

Hood River, Oregon is close to the White Salmon River and several other exciting opportunities for outdoor recreation in the Columbia River Gorge. Located right on the banks of the Columbia River, the town of Hood River boasts amazing accessibility to hiking, water sports, trail running, climbing, and more.

Additionally, Hood River is known for its awarded restaurants, coffee shops, breweries, and tax-free shopping downtown.

Hood River Vacations offers several beautiful vacation homes in Hood River, Oregon. Although each of the properties has its own unique aesthetic, all of our homes are tastefully decorated, beautifully designed, and conveniently located. Whether you’re looking for a home with direct views of Mount Hood, a condo with a hot tub, or a simple place to call home for a weekend, we have several options for you to choose from in Hood River.

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