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A trip to The Gorge would not be complete without wine tasting! Check out Columbia Gorge Wine Growers website for all the info you need to plan your wine tasting weekend or week! Here’s a comprehensive list of the wineries waiting for you here in Hood River:

Cathedral Ridge Winery
4200 Post Canyon Dr, Hood River, OR 97031
(800) 516-8710

The 13 expansive vineyards here at Cathedral and their distinct microclimates produce high-quality wines that you’ll never forget.

Naked Winery Tasting Room
102 2nd St, Hood River, OR 97031
(541) 386-3700

This winery has lots of accolades, but they’re just in it for making connections with people—and good wine, of course.

Phelps Creek Vineyards
1850 Country Club Rd, Hood River, OR 97031
(541) 386-2607

Known colloquially as the “Hidden Gem of Columbia Gorge,” this winery really lives up to its nickname. Plus, since it’s located on a golf course, you can plan to spend the day golfing too!

Mt. Hood Winery
2882 Van Horn Dr, Hood River, OR 97031
(541) 386-8333

Come down and try some of the award-winning wines offered here at the Oregon Winery of the Year, like the Mt. Hood Pear Wine, or the 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon. You can relax indoors, outdoors, or even by the fire when the months grow colder.

Wy’east Vineyards
3189 OR-35, Hood River, OR 97031
(541) 386-1277

This family-owned winery began with a life-changing visit to France in the 70’s which inspired the journey that would become Wy’east Vineyards. The tasting room can be found in what was once a fruit stand, and an old barn and stable was transformed into what’s now the winery.

The Gorge White House
2265 OR-35, Hood River, OR 97031
(541) 386-2828

The Gorge White house has it all. Famous wine with flavors all the way from pear to blueberry, hard cider, fresh fruit locally grown, and garden-fresh food so that you can have your lunch here too. The staff is friendly, and even the gift shop is filled with unique treats.

Syncline Winery
111 Balch Rd, Lyle, WA 98635
(509) 365-4361

At Syncline Winery they believe in the value of small, family-owned businesses, and the potential they carry when it comes to fine wine. The vineyards are cared for like they’re part of the family, and it shows in the flavor!

White Salmon Vineyard
63281 WA-14, Underwood, WA 98651
(509) 493-4640

Locally coined the “Burgundy of the Gorge,” you’ll see why when you see how rich the soil is. That rich soil leads to some of the finest Burgundian style wine you’ll ever taste.

Jacob Williams Winery
3 Avery Rd, Wishram, WA 98673
(541) 645-0462

This is a family-owned boutique winery, founded in 2007 and still growing. With awards under their belt and a passion for the art of wine, the Jacob Williams Winery is a fine way to spend any afternoon in Hood River.

Columbia Gorge Winery
6 Lyle Snowden Rd, Lyle, WA 98635
(541) 400-8147

This is another small, family-run business that makes their wine with lots of love. Their philosophy is ‘letting the grapes make the wine,’ which yields wonderful results and lets the natural flavors shine through.

Maryhill Winery
9774 WA-14, Goldendale, WA 98620
(509) 773-1976

The geography surrounding Maryhill Winery is rich with history, and this winery understands that, and it translates into the wine tasting experience. Recently, they won two Best of Class awards at the Washington State Wine Competition!

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