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Brian’s Pourhouse

Hood River is the optimal place to go for so many reasons. Most people know that they can find natural beauty here unlike anywhere else in the world. Less people know about the incredible bars and restaurants that speckle this unique little town. The community’s dedication to amazing food and drink is made very apparent after one visit to any of these establishments. This is especially true with Brian’s Pourhouse.

Great Food and Drink at Brian’s Pourhouse

The first thing that people love about Brian’s Pourhouse is the one of a kind charm and ambiance provided by its unique location. The restaurant and bar sit within a charming little gray house on the corner. Enter this unsuspecting location to find a beautiful scene of great color, light, and wooden accents. While the environment here is important, it does not have nearly the same effect on visitors that the incredible food does.

Start your meal off with something fresh and delicious like Brian’s classic calamari or fried Brussels sprouts with fish sauce vinaigrette. You can keep everything light and lean by moving on to the salads. Both the wedge and spinach salad are amazing options for a healthy meal. But with one look at the large plates, you will likely want to forgo the light stuff and go straight to the amazing flavors kept here!

This section contains delicious takes on American classics like the 8 oz Bourbon Top Sirloin Surf and Turf. This magnificent order is complete with shrimp, scallops, and sautéed mushrooms, all cooked to perfection with du jour. Get something convenient and delicious with the Blackened Salmon Burger with plenty of flavor provided by grilled onions and mushrooms, along with greens and Cajun remoulade. There is plenty more where this amazing food came from.

After you eat, head downstairs to the basement bar, which is definitely one of the coolest places to get a glass of Oregon beer in all of Hood River.

Visiting Brian’s Pourhouse

Whether you are looking for an amazing lunch or dinner or you just want to check out some Hood River nightlife in the basement bar with some Oregon beer, you are sure to love the time you spend at Brian’s Pourhouse, both for the amazing food and drink and for the one of a kind environment. Find it in the thriving section of Hood River’s downtown area at 606 Oak Street. Take advantage of dinner here from 5 pm to 11 pm on Friday and Saturday and 5 pm to 10 pm on all other days.

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