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Double Mountain Brewery

A trip to Hood River is an unforgettable experience in indulging yourself in Oregon’s lush scenery, fantastic views and unbeatable trails and landscape just waiting to be explored. But no trip is complete without a stop at a Hood River brewery. When a day full of outdoor adventure comes to a close, it’s time to take advantage of Hood River’s incredible brew scene! This ever-growing beverage culture brings bold flavors and a vast selection of savory combinations to the bar, benefiting locals and visitors alike. When you’re in Hood River and looking for the ideal establishment to enjoy a cold one, look no further than Double Mountain Brewery!

Scene and Selection

Comfortable, cozy and offering up plenty of room to socialize, Double Mountain Brewery is also a taproom that remains family friendly until 9 pm each night. Hop up on a barstool, settle down to a family-style table or grab a seat on one of the well-worn couches with your friends. However or wherever you decide to enjoy this ambiance, you’ll find a welcoming staff waiting to introduce you to some truly stunning flavors. Beer is the name of the game at Double Mountain Brewery and the menu is vast. While this establishment provides four constant beers on the menu year-round, the rest of the selection is in continual evolution. Changing with the season or just on a whim when a brewmaster wants to give something new a try, there’s always something interesting and different to taste! Pilsner malt from British Columbia creates the base of Double Mountain Brewery beverages, but these high on hops drinks come supplemented with a variety of extra malts as well for a unique blend. From bold to light, fruity to robust, names like The Vaporizor, India Red Ale and Killer Green are sure to turn up on the menu at some point.

Fun and Entertainment at Double Mountain Brewery

While you’re in town, make sure to check out the events page for Double Mountain Brewery as this location regularly hosts local talent and gives guests a great show with live musical performances. The lineup is as diverse as the beer list, but always sets the scene for a fun, musical night out on the town. From acoustic sessions to country, reggae to rock, there’s something for everyone when it comes to entertainment at Double Mountain Brewery.

Snacks and Extras

Beer is highlighted at this establishment but there’s always room for a delicious snack. When you’re at Double Mountain Brewery, make sure to order one of their infamous brick-oven pizzas! If you’re not in the mood for extra cheese, there’s always an option to select a fresh salad or delicious sandwich to accompany your beverage. Come early for the beer and stay for the food and music well into the night!

Home Away from Home

A night out at Double Mountain Brewery might leave you ready for a great night’s rest. Make sure you’re heading to a home away from home that’s made to match your vacation needs. The team at Hood River Vacation Rentals is here to help you pick out the perfect vacation rental when you’re in town. Contact us to start the search for your dream getaway home!

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