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Solstice Wood Fire Café and Bar

Hood River, Oregon is a place of many pursuits. Enjoying the outdoors is at the forefront of this, right alongside an enthusiasm for food unlike what you will find nearly anywhere else. This enthusiasm manifests itself in many unique and high-quality restaurants. A great example of these establishments is the Solstice Wood Fire Café and Bar.

The Best Taste of Hood River at the Solstice Cafe

You cannot go wrong in visiting this one of a kind place for lunch, dinner, or both! There are a few reasons why the food here at the Solstice Cafe stands out. One of the most significant is the dedication to providing fresh and local ingredients only when they are in season. You can taste this in every bite of each item on this extensive menu.

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The fuss here begins and ends with the pizza. The best ingredients paired with unique concoctions and perfect crust resulting from the wood-fired oven has only one result, and that is the best pizza in Hood River! Use your imagination and the list of available ingredients to concoct something unique or go with one of their tried and true recipes. One recipe that has won countless awards is the Country Girl Cherry, consisting of cherries, house-made chorizo sausage, shredded mozzarella, and marinara. Try another classic in the Cafe Solstice—a pizza with homemade Canadian bacon, pineapple chutney, mozzarella, and a jalapeno cream sauce.

Discussing the pizza only serves to scratch the surface of the great menu here, though. For lunch, you will find favorites in sandwiches, salads, small plates, and main plates. Everything will leave you satisfied, but a crowd favorite continues to be the Gnocchi, which is house-made and accompanied by pistachios, arugula, breadcrumbs, and ricotta cheese. For dinner, you can find many of the same small plates like the fried Brussels sprouts and calamari & country toast, but you can find new and exciting main plates like the Summer Linguini with in-season vegetables atop linguine, garlic, shallots, white wine, and cream.

One of the main goals here is to be accommodating to everyone. This is why you will find options for vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free meals. Top everything off with a full bar, which make this a great place to relax as well enjoy meals.

Visiting Solstice

The food is amazing, and it is served in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. This makes Solstice Wood Fire Café and Bar one of the best places for lunch, dinner, and happy hour. Find this wonderful place at 501 Portway Ave.

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