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History of Hood River

A quiet, rural community that comes to life in the name of nature, Hood River is an amazing vacation destination that calls to explorers from across the globe. Nestled next to the Columbia River Valley Gorge, Hood River sets the scene for exploring those pristine places where mountains, water, woods and endless sky collide. Hood River History is deeply rooted in the natural wonders that continue to make this place great today. Here’s a look at how Hood River got its start.

History and Exploration

Lewis and Clark first set foot in the Hood River region as part of their greater expedition in 1805. At this time, the area was inhabited by local tribes who made their camp primarily near what was recognized at that time as Dog River. The region was immediately admired for its beauty and natural bounty. As with all pristine places during this era, it didn’t take long for other settlers to make their way in and begin construction on their new homes and businesses.

Naming Hood River

A common piece of Hood River tourist information often asked about is how Hood River got its name. In the early 1800’s, settler Mary Coe established herself as a trend-setter in the Gorge Valley area and firmly protested the name Dog River. Using her influence in the community as a major land owner alongside her husband, the name was quickly changed to Hood River which is the title is continues to don to this day. By 1856, Hood River was officially being noted on maps and the name Dog River was long forgotten.

Famous for Fruit

The Coe family continued to make a name for themselves as foundational settlers in the area throughout the late 1800’s and into the early 1900’s. One of the first families to begin growing apple trees, they soon found that the climate was ideal for orchards to thrive. Other families followed in their footsteps and soon the Hood River area was known for its incredible fruit production. When disaster struck in 1919 and a massive fire wiped out most of the apple orchards, local producers were not deterred. They simply swapped out apples for pears and began once again.

Thriving Rural Community

Hood River was officially incorporated in 1895 and has continued to flourish into the lively yet rural population it remains today. Pear production remains successful in present-day Hood River alongside major economical players that include timber, technology and tourism. With ski resorts just down the road and opportunities for water sports abounding, Hood River is a place people continue to want to be for endless fun!

Hood River Tourist Information You Need for Your Stay in Hood River

Hood River History helps visitors understand just how the city has grown around the natural world and how its community continues to rest on the ideals of perseverance and passion. When you come to Hood River in the name of adventure, exploration or relaxation, our team of local experts is here to help you find the ideal vacation rental. Hood River Vacation Rentals bring professional insight and local knowledge to your search for the best home away from home. Contact us today to start planning your next Hood River getaway!

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