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Top Things to Do in Hood River: Being Safe When Skiing!

Winter is the time of year when visitors flock to Hood River in the name of all things ski and slope-side adventures, some of the top things to do in Hood River. Hood River is an amazing base camp when you’re planning to take to steep heights on Mt. Hood. Beautiful, challenging and with a steady stream of snowfall during the colder months you’re bound to find endless thrills as head towards the ski vacation of a lifetime. In all the excitement, it’s important to remember that safety should always come first. A ski trip is only as successful as the healthy and happy skiers involved. Here are few things to keep in mind before you begin your downhill descent.

Know Before you Go

Just because you had a flawless run last year doesn’t mean this year on the slopes is destined to be the same. It’s important to schedule a check-up with your doctor before you take a ski trip to make sure you’re ready to go full speed ahead. If you’re an athlete inclined towards muscle cramps or pulls, increase your iron intake about a week before you ski and make sure to get into a routine of stretching. Keeping muscles loose is key to making sure your body is strong enough to enjoy the challenge the mountain brings.

Take Advantage of Lessons

In the name of avoiding senseless accidents, don’t hesitate to refresh on the skills front by taking part in many of the lessons offered at local ski resorts. Mt. Hood Meadows has a team of experts located at nearly every lodge who can remind you of those form facts that keep you going like a pro. It’s a great way to get back into ski season while keeping yourself and others safe.

Pack Appropriately

All the fresh powder in the world won’t keep a ski trip from going terribly wrong if you find you’ve packed the wrong attire. When you’re looking through your suitcase one last time, make sure you’ve got both ski goggles and water-resistant gloves tucked carefully away. Protecting your eyes keeps you at your best when it comes to maneuvering the slopes. Water-resistant globes wick away interior sweat and keep your hands from being exposed to dangerous elements and dropping temperatures.

Carry the Essentials

In the event your ski day takes a turn for the worse, carrying a trail map and important emergency numbers is a must. Trail maps point out ski patrol stations and nearby clinics for fast access when they are needed. Knowing how to get a hold of ski patrol if you need a pick up takes the panic out of emergencies that may arise.

A Little Rest Goes a Long Way for Fully Enjoying the Top Things to Do in Hood River

A fun, happy, health and safe ski vacation makes for great memories. Why not add to that joy with a stay at a customized and luxurious vacation rental while you’re in Hood River? The team of experts at Hood River Vacation Rentals help you find an ideal property that gives you the well-earned rest and relaxation you’re looking for at the end of a day enjoying the top things to do in Hood River. Contact us today to get started planning!

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