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Kiteboard and Windsurf Info

Nothin’ better than epic warm westerly winds! The constant steady wind that blows 10 to 25mph (sometimes up to 35 mph!) through the Columbia River Gorge make Hood River a major North American windsurfing and kiteboarding center. The Hood River Slider Park is one of just a handful in the world open to the kiteboarding public and kiteboarders from all over the world head here for the Rosham Throw Down each July.

Kite Boarding & Windsurfing in Hood River

Hood River Water Play – Learn to surf on your holiday!

Sailworks – If you need gear, these are your go-to guys!

Windance – Sells new and used great and is a great resource for repairs. Great swap meets during the season!

Second Wind Sports – Kiteboarding, snowboarding and skiing, windsurfing and clothes. There’s used gear as well.

Big Winds – Right downtown with parking and picnic bench to peruse the conditions. Great selection of new kite gear plus accessories and clothes.

Cascade Kiteboarding School – Cascade Kiteboarding runs private kiteboarding lessons out of Stevenson, Washington and Hood River, Oregon.CKB caters to individuals looking for a private and more personalized learning experience. The personalization of each lesson is what makes Cascade unique. Each lesson is customized to the student’s level, progressing at a comfortable pace, but yet presenting challenges and benchmarks for the student to attain.

New Wind – Great instructors, really good progression and fast track program to get you up and riding quickly.

Gorge Kiteboard School – Mark Worth (Red Beard) will get you up and  riding safely and confidently.

Wind and Weather Forecast Sites

Keep an eye on the Kb4C website for events and info…..

Windsurfing vs Kiteboarding – Which Will You Try First?

Windsurfing and Kiteboarding have a lot in common. These extreme sports create an intense feeling of exhilaration, and athletes in these sports love that every ride feels new! The combination of water and wind make for a constantly changing environment that excites with a feeling of power, whether you’re being lifted in the air or skimming the glassy surface of the Gorge. This water sporting community is tight knit and welcoming, and enthusiasts spend hundreds of hours refining the basics and learning new tricks.

Kiteboarding (also called kitesurfing in some parts of the world) is similar to snowboarding, because the board is attached to your feet. A kiteboard sail is like a parachute and it will be attached to your body with a harness. As you kiteboard, the wind pulls you with the parachute, sometimes lifting you many feet into the air! In windsurfing (also known as sailboarding) the sail is attached to your surfboard, so you have control of the sail as you glide across the water like a small fast boat.

Both sports are relatively quick to learn, but they can also require a lot of practice to get to advanced skill levels. Your spot in Hood River is one of the best spots in the world for this activity, and you can learn from local experts if you want to get started!

Teaching and Outfitting from the Pros

Hood River WaterPlay will give your first lesson in official U.S. Sailing Level I format. Cascade Kiteboarding School is made for private and personalized learning. New Wind has great instructors, and Gorge Kiteboard School will shore up your confidence as a beginner. There are also many welcoming spots in Hood River selling the gear you’ll need, check out our website for local deals!

Every instructor in Hood River emphasizes the extreme fun of these sports. They’ll make sure your lessons progress at a comfortable and enjoyable pace for the ride of a lifetime! Start planning your Hood River vacation today and book a stay in one of our beautiful vacation rental homes.

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