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Sno-Park Permit  – You need it at  the mountain!

You must have a valid Sno-Park permit displayed in the windshield of your vehicle if you park in designated winter recreation parking areas (Sno-Parks) between November 1 and April 30. Each of these areas are posted with signs identifying them as a WINTER RECREATION AREA. You will find Sno-Parks in all mountain passes of the state as well as most recognized ski, snowmobile, and snow play areas.

There are three types of permits: an annual permit which costs $25 (good in Washington, California and Idaho!), a 3-day permit which costs $9, and a daily permit which costs $4. Permits are sold at all DMV offices and by permit agents in resorts, sporting goods stores and other retail outlets. Agents are allowed to charge a service fee for each permit they sell. Parking in an Oregon Sno-Park without a permit may result in a $30 fine.

For our Washington, California and Idaho neighbors –
Sno-Park permits issued by Washington, California, and Idaho are honored in Oregon!

Buy it at the mountain, any Oregon DMV, ADD TO YOUR RESERVATION FOR $6 A DAY or locally at –
Second Wind – 210 Oak Street  Hood River (541) 386-4464
Doug’s – 101 Oak Street  Hood River (541) 386-5787
Windance – Hwy 35 Hood River (541) 386-2131
Gorge Surf Shop – 13 Oak St Hood River (541) 386-1699
Closer to Parkdale/On the way
Pine Grove Grocery – 2375 Hwy 35 Hood River (541) 386-4632
Packer Orchards & Bakery – 3900 Hwy 35 Hood River (541) 354-1140

Oregon Department of Transportation – ODOT
For highway advisories – When in Oregon dial 511 or visit TripCheck.com

Winter driving

Oregon’s chain law applies to all highways throughout the state. When you drive in winter conditions, you may see signs telling you to carry chains or traction tires and when you are required to use them. In typical winter conditions, vehicles rated at 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight (GVW) or less and not towing or being towed are allowed to use traction tires in place of chains.

Studded tires
Studded tires are legal in Oregon from November 1 through March 31. Because of the damage caused by studded tires, the Department of Transportation encourages motorists to use studded tires only when necessary.

For up-to-date travel conditions via the internet, visit www.TripCheck.com, ODOT’s travel information website. Or call 511.
TripCheck is available for mobile phones. Visit www.tripcheck.com/mobile for a handy menu of TripCheck features, all formatted for the smaller screen size of mobile devices.

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