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Tamanawas Falls Trail

Tamanawas Falls Trail is named for the Chinook word for guardian spirit, and when you get up close to this 150-foot waterfall, you’ll know why the name is perfect for it.

Easy to Moderate

This 3.8-mile trail is rated as easy to moderate. You’ll hike a mile along Cold Spring Creek. Along the way, you’ll walk along a few log footbridges, through Douglas firs, mountain hemlocks and red alders, and past fairy slipper orchids and western wood anemone.

You can go behind the falls by climbing some slippery rocks. If you can make the climb, it’s worth it. Watching the water cascade in front of you and feeling the cold mist in the air is a magical experience.

The water doesn’t so much plunge off the cliff as spray off of it, making the rocks around it verdant with all kinds of moss. You could easily mistake this for a tropical waterfall. The waters then flow through the small Cold Spring Creek.

Year-Round Hiking

We especially love this hike in the fall and winter. In the fall, fallen leaves float on top of the glassy water and rush along with the little creek. In the winter, snow whites out the landscape with the exception of a few peaks of green moss.

You can add two miles and make a loop by taking the switchback at the boulder field and hike just past the Polallie Trailhead. This a great hike if you’re camping at Nottingham Campground. The hike is about an hour south of Hood River. This is a year-round, kid friendly hike, though always read up on trail conditions first. Poor conditions can make the trail impassable for some kids. As with any trail, check the Forest Service website for trail condition updates. Occasionally slides dislodge boulders that block the trail.

Tamanawas Falls Trailhead

When you rent with us, you’ll be close to so many beautiful hikes like Tamanawas Falls Trail. The Hood River area is one of the densest for outdoor recreation, from water sports to nature walks. Imagine taking a hike like this one and returning home tired and hungry to one of our luxury homes. You’re just one call away from hiking Tamanawas Falls. Call us or visit our website today to book your next Hood River vacation!

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