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Trillium Cafe

Best Hood River Restaurants for a Burger

There’s so much to look forward to when planning a vacation in Hood River: the breathtaking scenery, the friendly people, and the thick and juicy burgers you can get at local restaurants! Ok, maybe we are known more for our Dungeness crab than we are for our hamburgers and cheeseburgers, but we think that should change. The Hood River restaurants below serve up burgers so tasty you will dream about them long after you have returned home. Just don’t make us choose our favorite—they are ALL delicious and worth trying again and again!

Ranch Drive-In, 1950 12th Street

You want to know our favorite part of enjoying a really good burger? You don’t have to go to the fanciest (and most expensive) restaurant in town to have one! Take the Ranch Drive-In, for example. They have been a local tradition for over 50 years, serving really excellent burgers that won’t break your vacation bank! Big, thick, juicy, and so delicious you may find yourself coming back for a second, third, or even fourth visit during your stay, you have to taste these burgers for yourself!

Bette’s Place, 416 Oak Street

Even though we may or may not have met our share of celebrities over the years, we have never been namedroppers—except for where it counts! Bette’s Place has been a family-owned business for over 40 years, serving the best cinnamon rolls, soups, and of course, burgers! And as we mentioned that Oregon is best known for its Dungeness crab, we suggest you try Bette’s Surf-n-Turf burger, an all-beef patty topped with avocado and Dungeness crab. Does it get any better than this? We don’t think so, and neither will you after just one taste!

Trillium Café, 207 Oak Street

Sometimes you just need a place to chill, drink cold beer, and eat a hamburger, and Trillium Café is just the place for that! They don’t put on any air. Their food is what it is: simple comfort food that fills the belly and warms the cockles of your heart. Choose tater tots or fries as your side, pick the toppings you love most, and wash it all down with an ice-cold craft beer. This meal, right now, is the perfect ending to another perfect day in Hood River!

When You Want the Best

After the meal is over and it’s time to relax in preparation for the next day’s adventures, our Hood River vacation rentals are just what you’ll need! Warm, inviting, and designed for today’s travelers, choosing the best vacation home is just a few clicks away. Reserve yours today!

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