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Delicious, fresh chicken made at places to eat in Hood River

Best Places to Eat in Hood River for Some Winter Comfort Food

There are so many reasons to love winter in Hood River. The smell of fireplaces smoking merrily, the sight of your breath on the coldest of mornings, and the sounds of your colorful new boots breaking through the snow are just a few reasons a true chionophile (a lover of cold weather and snow) sparkles once the winter solstice occurs. The senses come alive when stepping out into our winter wonderland, and our hunger for food that is hearty and warm comes to the forefront. Big breakfasts, chilis and stews, and pot roasts and meatloaf are what we crave, and when you take your winter journey to Hood River, these places to eat in Hood River are where you can go to experience the comfort foods you love!

Bette’s Place, 416 Oak Street

Even the most ardent of chionophiles still find the task of leaving their warm and cozy Hood River Vacation Rentals cloud-soft bed a difficult one, but knowing that you are simply minutes away from the tasty goodness of breakfast at Bette’s Place does ease the sting somewhat! Serving the kind of dishes our grandmothers made for us as children, no guest ever leaves this cozy diner hungry!

River Daze Café, 202 D Cascade Avenue

Your winter stay in Hood River is going to be filled with long days of activity, and a midday break at River Daze Café will give you the energy to continue on through the evening! Offering breakfast all day and serving thick sandwiches that feed the stomach and soul, the farm-fresh ingredients used at this place to eat in Hood River will make you wonder why every restaurant doesn’t do the same!

Tad’s Chicken N’ Dumplin’s, 1325 E. Historic Columbia River Highway, Troutdale

Sometimes a restaurant’s food is so great we don’t mind driving a few miles or more to get there, and historic Tad’s Chicken N’ Dumplin’s is guilty as charged! For almost 80 years this roadside diner has been serving travelers the ultimate in winter comfort foods, and they’re still using many of the same recipes, including their namesake dish, the Original Chicken and Dumplings. Featuring a menu of dishes composed of farm-fresh ingredients, we’ve yet to have a bad meal at Tad’s, but we highly recommend that you try the dumplings dish at least once; it’s a rite of passage around here!

Just as Comfortably Inviting as these Places to Eat in Hood River

Comfort isn’t always about food; it’s about that feeling you get when you walk into a home for the first time and feel instantly at home, and Hood River Vacation Rentals strives to offer that feeling in all of our homes! Walk on in and plop down on plush sofas and chairs, unpack the groceries, and grab a beer. Our homes are designed to be lived in and offer more than just a place to rest your head every night. Reserve yours today!

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