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Hood River Happening for 4th of July

Independence Day is a pretty big deal in Hood River. If you are visiting the area during this time, make sure that you get into the patriotic spirit with the various activities and events planned to celebrate the birth of a nation. Hood River holds several 4th of July celebrations that you are sure to enjoy whether you are a local or a visitor looking to enjoy the holiday. The following are some of the best Hood River happenings for 4th of July you will want to look out for in Hood River.

Hood River Happenings: The Hood River Parade

Independence Day and parades go hand and hand, and Hood River always comes through with its annual 4th of July parade. Each year the parade has a special theme, and this year will be no different. The Hood River Lions Club continues to direct the parade, and this year there will be several appearances and performances by local musical groups and bands. Jackson Park is the meetup destination for the “after-parade” festivities. Join both locals and visitors here for some delicious barbeque and good food, music, fun games and activities to end the 4th of July celebrations with a bang.
If you are looking for ways to celebrate 4th of July in Hood River, there are plenty of ways to do so.

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