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Hood River Oregon What to Do for Music Month

Music lovers unite for Hood River Music Month. Come enjoy the sounds of established as well as new and upcoming artists. This newly established event features music across several genres over several weeks for everyone to enjoy. If you are planning a visit to Hood River what do is enjoy Hood River Music Month on your itinerary. It is an event that everyone is sure to enjoy.

A New Annual Hood River Tradition

The newly-formed Hood River Music Month offers the opportunity to discover Hood River while also enjoying a wide assortment of music. This new venue is quite popular amongst locals as well as visitors. The last two annual music months were incredibly successful, and 2019 is expected to bring even more people out to enjoy a large assortment of musical talents, so be sure to check our the Hood River music calendar. In conjunction with a number of different restaurants and businesses, patrons such as yourself will get the opportunity to enjoy a wide assortment of music with many of the events being free. These local restaurants and businesses host many of these performances allowing you the opportunity to enjoy both the services of the business as well as music which in turn benefits the business is as well.

What You Can Expect?

This year’s Hood River Music Month is in March. 2019 brings a wide assortment of musical artists across various genres for you to enjoy. Again, many of these events are free or you can also choose to donate at entry. Some of the businesses hosting the various musical performances will accept donations from patrons interested in giving for their appreciation of the performances. The best thing about Hood River Music Month is that you get to choose when you would like to enjoy all the musical fun. With over several weeks of musical performances, you decide when you want to step out and enjoy the company of many other music lovers throughout Hood River. Some of the upcoming musical performances include Yak Attack, Mamma Mia!, Pavement Ends, The Sweet Lillies and many more!

Hood River Music Calendar is Tons of Fun!

The Hood River Music Month is popular because people enjoy hearing their favorite local artists and discovering new artists as well. Plus, with this new venue, you also get the opportunity to really explore Hood River since each of the assorted musical events are held at different restaurants and businesses across town. If you are a lover of music and are interested in exploring Hood River, Hood River Music Month provides the best of both worlds.

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