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Hood River Mountain Bike Adventures

Hood River is a beautiful town offering an array of sights to please any nature lover. If you are looking for a unique way to explore the area, consider a Hood River Mountain Bike Adventures. You can rent you own bike that will allow you to ride and explore the many trails throughout Hood River.

Exploring Hood River by Bike

As a well-known place for lovers of the outdoors, there is always much to see, do and explore in Hood River. Hood River Mountain Bike Adventures (HRMBA) allows you to experience the various trails through specially created biking experiences that are inclusive to all types of biking adventures. Whether you are looking for a part or full day bike tour or rentals and rides for your Hood River trip, Hood River Mountain Bike Adventures has you covered.

Hood River Bike Trails to Explore

There are numerous Hood River bike trails to explore. Because of the varied elevations of in the area, seasonal conditions will determine which trails are traveled. Here are some of the most popular trails that you may get to experience courtesy of Hood River Mountain Bike Adventures:  Post Canyon, Dirt Surfer, Whoopdee Trail, Knebal Springs Trail, 8 Mile Creek Trail & Trail 450, Surveyors Ridge, 15 Mile Trail, Dog River Trail, Oak Ridge, Gumjuwak Trail, Oakridge Trail, Bennett Pass Trail, Gunsight Ridge, and Sandy Ridge Trail System.

Getting Around

Hood River Mountain Bike Adventures, offers several ways for you to enjoy Hood River bike trails. You are more than welcome to bring your own bike, or you can rent one. They offer Santa Cruz bicycles available on a first come-first served basis. You can choose from three bike rentals: Bronson, the 5010 and the Tallboy are all available for an initial fee of $75 per day with $50 for additional rental days. If you need a shuttle, there are services available to the Binns Hill area by appointment. Shuttle requests are accommodated for groups of four with a maximum of 10 people and 10 bikes. These custom bike road shuttles are perfect if you are looking to make your biking adventure a group activity with family and friends.

Let Hood River Mountain Bike Adventures offer you a different way to experience the beauty of Hood River on a specially planned bike tour for you.

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