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Dog on dock in oregon

The Best Dog Friendly Hood River Activities

Experience a Dog-Friendly Hood River Vacation

I am a dog and I live in Hood River I know it’s doggy Nirvana.

Some may be a little put off by the less than canine friendly history. Don’t be fooled that they named the town after us, – Dog River. Sounds like true recognition but NO, they actually ate our furry brethren. Call themselves civilized? I don’t think so.

But it’s easy to forget this dark history (there are some benefits in having a short attention span) when you get to drag your “owner” sic. down to the waterfront and run wild and make them throw a Frisbee for you 2000 times. Yes it’s crazy good down at the Columbia River waterfront. Running and swimming and running and chewing sticks. When you get tired you can even find something really good to roll in (oops tmi). The Hood River is much cooler for summer swimming for those of us with thick fur. And then there’s snow! Even in the summer. Imagine -more running, sniffing and rolling pleasure.

There are a million cool hikes. Choose from tall grass, ferns, sage brush, sand, rocks, fallen trees and waterfalls. Forest, desert, meadows, mountains and beaches. My favorite is Dog Mountain (it’s an easy name for me to remember). They think I’m so cute smelling the wild flowers (heh heh …suckers!).

I love the seasons. Napping in the hot sun. Romping in the squishy mud, cruising with the wind at my tail. I love the restaurants and cafes. My personal fave is Gorge Dog 🙂 Petting ops galore and a little cleanup here and there- just to help out. I’m not sure I get the whole beer thing thou’. Why would they drink that weedy tasting foamy stuff and then laugh all silly. It’s a mystery to me. Dog River Coffee is much better.

For the art loving pooch amongst us there are all these great outdoor sculptures to pee on.

Yes Hood River is the best place on the planet to be a dog. There are plenty of dog friendly Hood River activities!

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