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Things to Do In Hood River Oregon for a Winter Journey

Hood River becomes a special place during the winter. It is a time when the landscape becomes a winter wonderland. The views of the snow covered mountains and the icy lakes are majestic and picturesque. If you are considering a visit to Hood River during the winter season, you are in for a treat. Read about the top things to do in Hood River Oregon to experience winter at its finest.

Snow Time is Fun time

In Hood River, winter is much anticipated by both locals and visitors alike. The mountains are highly visited as this is the time when people can enjoy a number of things to do in Hood River Oregon. The snow parks are quite popular among young and old alike. These are designated areas that allow people to have fun in the snow for different purposes. Some of the snow parks are specifically for beginner to intermediate skiers or those that are interested in tubing, snowshoeing or simply playing in the snow. A permit is required to visit the snow parks, and these permits are available in one- and three-day permits or annual permits.

Hood River Hot Springs in the Wintertime

Does the thought of lounging in a hot spring in the middle of winter sound like something that interests you? Well, if it does, the area is well-known for its Hood River hot springs. The most popular hot spring is the Carson Hot Springs. Here you’ll enjoy relaxing in the naturally warm mineral waters. You’ll experience stress relief as well as host of other health benefits by simply taking a dip in these healing waters. If you’ve never experienced relaxing in a hot spring surrounded by nature in the middle of winter, you are probably wondering if you’ll be cold. No, you won’t! The waters are naturally heated by underground magma (lava). Thus, the temperature of the water is higher than the surrounding air temperature. So, get to a local hot spring, and enjoy!

Exploring the Wintery Terrain

Exploring Hood River during the winter offers you a unique experience. A coating of snow makes everything look different. To really experience the beauty of Hood River during the winter, head up to Panorama Point County Park. From here, you’ll be able to see the 15,000 acres of orchards in the Columbia River Valley as well as Mount Adams, Mount Saint Helens and Mount Hood. Mount Hood is a popular destination during the winter for snowshoeing and skiing. Those seeking a skiing challenge enjoy the drops that Mount Hood provides.

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