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Mom and daughter on the columbia river sitting on the dock

Things to Do in Hood River with Kids

funparkColumbia River Kids

One of the best things about the area is that there are always Hood River Oregon activities to do! But if you are kid “Adventure Town” takes on a whole new meaning! Kids could spend a day…  literally a day from sun up to sun down with non-stop action at the waterfront. Usually our day goes something like this in the Summer when I am not styling someone into a Hood River Vacation Rental home. We head to The Columbia River waterfront at the sand bar – spread out a blanket and get out the sand shovels start digging a little,  trying ever so hard to create something that remotely resembles Mt. Hood  – then dip our toes a little, splash around just waiting for the rental shops to open up to rent a paddle board for the day at  – eventually everyone gets a little grouchy – this must mean one thing… lunch time! Here is where the decisions start so many options just steps away – The Local Grind yummy teriiyaki, The Sandbar cafe, grab a beer and burger and you set! Stroll a bit further down the waterfront path and of course you come to the kid favorite (and adult:) Solstice – we try and wait to hold off for Cicci’s Gelato later in the day – hah! Like that is going to happen usually directly after lunch, truth be told sometimes before:) It’s just so darn delicious. Personal shout out chocolate hazelnut!

Hiking The Gorge with kids

The Gorge is a hikers paradise – with tons of trails handy most with beautiful waterfalls. Kids love adventure just as much or maybe even more than adults and The Gorge has plenty to offer! Keep your eyes open for wildlife we have seen countless bald eagles, elk, deer, bear and even bobcats!

Hope to see you enjoying things to do in Hood River with kids!

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