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Our Favorite New Flavors in Hood River

One of the most memorable parts of your trip to Hood River is going to be the food you eat while you’re here. It’s just that good. But how will you know where to eat and what to try? Allow us to help with some Hood River food recommendations! These are our three favorite entrees we’ve found in the last few months here in Hood River:


Simply named, the Salmon dish at Celilo Restaurant is the best salmon around. There’s nothing better than pan-seared Colombia River King Salmon laid out over Flower to Flour Farm beet greens and farro salad. This dish is also served with smoked bay scallops and bay shrimp, herb salsa verde, and Hood River berries. If you’re looking for a taste of the local cuisine, try this dish. You’ll get a little bit of everything.

Yakisoba Noodles

We love eating off the beaten track here in Hood River, which is why we love eating at the Mesquitery Restaurant & Bar. It’s small and cozy, the people there are friendly, and the food is to die for. One of the best dishes they offer there is the Yakisoba Noodles. In this entree, you’ll get fresh broccoli, onions, mushrooms, cashews, and yakisoba noodles all mixed up in a delicious spicy peanut chipotle sauce. If you’re looking to try something new, check out Mesquitery! The Thai Beef Salad is great too, and you’ll go crazy for the Jalapeño Cheese Bread Pull-A-Part.

Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

Desserts are sacred, and so is the Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cake served at Brian’s Pourhouse. To put it simply, it rocks. The flavor is rich, the berries are fresh, and the whipped cream on top is the perfect touch. Of course, the rest of their menu is amazing too, even if you’re looking forward to that chocolate cake the whole time! Try the Roasted Wild Mushrooms as an appetizer, and maybe the Halibut Fish and Shrimp for Dinner. You can’t go wrong with fish here in Hood River; you’ll always be satisfied.

Enjoy a True Hood River Experience

As you think about all the delicious Hood River food waiting for you here, give some thought to the lovely rental home you’ll be staying in too. Hood River Vacation Rentals can help you get started with that! Simply get in touch with us today at 1-877-260-2519.

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