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things to do in hood river

Awesome Things to Do in Hood River for a Week

While Hood River may seem like a sleepy mountain resort town from the outside, we promise there’s more than meets the eye! Jam packed with culture and unforgettable experiences, Hood River is the perfect place to plan your next once in a lifetime vacation! Sound good? Then you better start planning now, and here are a few things things to do in Hood River for an amusing week:

Take a Hike Up Majestic Mount Hood

Rising 11,249 feet above the horizon (making it the tallest mountain in all of Oregon), Mount Hood is home to some of the best views and hiking in all of the Pacific Northwest. Mount Hood is a mostly dormant stratovolcano located right in the heart of the Cascades and is surrounded by an amazing array of beautiful forests, lakes, streams, wildlife, and much more! There are plenty of hiking options all around Mount Hood, ranging from easy to some trails that will push even the heartiest of outdoorsman to their limits! Whether you’re looking for a challenging hike or just want to take in the beautiful sights and sounds of nature, Mount Hood is one locale that you need to make sure to visit.

Enjoy World Class Wines at One of the Many Vineyards

There are many different ways to take advantage of the incredible weather we are fortunate to experience here in Hood River, but arguably the ones who benefit the most are those who run some of our amazing wineries! There are a number of incredible local establishments all throughout Hood River creating delectable reds and whites just waiting for you to sample them for yourself. So when you’re crafting your next itinerary involving things to do in Hood River, make sure that local stops such as Phelps Creek Vineyards or Wy’East Vineyards are on the list!

Things to Do in Hood River: Discover the Grand History of the Hood River Area for Yourself

The history of the Hood River area is just as unique and diverse as the people who live here, and if you’re looking to find out what makes our humble town so great there’s one place to go: The History Museum of Hood River County! Featuring exhibits on the cultures of those who came before us, one-of-a-kind heirlooms and more, the History Museum of Hood River County serves to both educate about the past and keep our traditions alive for generations to come. This is truly one Hood River attraction that cannot be missed.

No matter how you organize that itinerary of yours, one thing is for certain: You’re guaranteed to have a once in a lifetime vacation when you decide to stay in Hood River! Just make sure to let Hood River Vacation Rentals do our part in helping out, as we are the premier property rental company in all of Hood River and are ready to assist you today with finding the perfect home or condo.

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