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kid paddleboarding

Top 10 things to do with kids in Hood River

Hood River Oregon is a wonderland for bigs and littles alike! Take a peak at our top 10 things to do with kids in Hood River and The Columbia River Gorge…


  1. Waterfront Park – bang the drums, climb the walls, spin till your sick!
  2. Hiking – there are some excellent hikes for little ones a few of our favorites would be Tamawanas Fall Trail, Lost Lake Loop Trail, and Umbrella Falls Trail are just a few of our favorites.
  3. G. Willikers – just try and get your kids out of here in a hurry! It will not happen so much to see so much to play with so much to do!
  4. Cicci’s Gelato – mmmm.. such a refreshing way to end the day at the waterfront park.
  5. Biking the Mosier Twin Tunnels – This is excellent bike as little or as long as you would like, if you are feeling up for it you can actually bike the whole way to the next town over – Mosier! There have been known sightings of bobcats and eagles:)
  6. Mike’s Ice Cream– Always a hit located right downtown in the heart of all the action complete with a fort!
  7. Mount Hood Railroad – There are a few train rides that have proven again and again to be a big hit with the kiddos – Western Robbery Train Ride, Thomas the Train Ride and of course The Polar Express.
  8. Sandbar – This would be my daughter’s favorite – just a day of sand and water play left to your own imagination of whatever you make of it – also within walking of Cicci’s Gelato, Solstice (super kid friendly restaurant) and The Local Grind.
  9. Stand up paddling – Kids can totally do this on a non windy day at The Columbia River or you can head up to Lost Lake – which is just beautiful crystal clear water. You can rent paddle boards at either place.
  10. Movies – Okay so this is not my first choice for Spring, Summer or Fall but sometimes those Winter months a movie could be just the ticket for happiness, we have 2 theaters in little old Hood River… Hood River Cinemas and Andrew’s Skylight Theater and Pub.



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