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delicious Oregon pizza

Pizza in Hood River: Top 5 Pizza Places

People who travel frequently have learned the tips and hints that make traveling easy. They learned how to pack light, the best clothing to wear on planes, and most importantly that eating where the locals eat in the place you are visiting will save you money, reduce waiting times, and bring you to the best food in town! Today’s guide to the top five places for pizza in Hood River is designed to make the novice traveler feel like an expert while filling their bellies with delicious pizza—it just doesn’t get any better than this!

Pietro’s Pizza Hood River, 107 2nd Street

Vacationing with children can be difficult, as they can feel out of their element, anxious, and overstimulated from new adventures, but a visit to Pietro’s can resolve most of their issues! Serving delicious pizza in a homey environment, the arcade and play area is a comfortable reminder that not everything changes. And did we mention the pizza is delicious?

Solstice Wood Fire Pizza, Bar, & Catering, 501 Portway Avenue

We’ve rarely had a bad pizza, but the wood fire pizzas served here are so good we find ourselves unable to stay away! Offering a place that is still kid-friendly but also works as a great date night location, their full Italian menu and extensive wine list ensures that everyone in your dining party will find something that suits their fancy!

Andrew’s Pizza, 107 Oak Street

Pizza is the food version of the universal language; everyone understands its appeal! And as tastes change, the traditional pizza may stay the same or, as is the case with Andrew’s Pizza, it may evolve into a healthier yet just as tasty version of itself! Offering farm fresh toppings that are organic and locally sourced, this is the place you should think outside the box and try a new twist on your classic favorites. The Black and Tan pie is our suggestion as to where you should start!

Great Oregon Pizza at Double Mountain Brewery, 8 4th Street

Yes, we are offering up a brewery as a great place to get some pizza in Hood River. Their brick-oven pizzas are just as good (perhaps even better?) than those from the restaurants totally dedicated to the creation of the delicious pie! And because they offer live entertainment as well, it’s the perfect Hood River date night experience!

Pelinti Pizza, 2910 Cascade Avenue #102

Let’s be honest here: Vacationing can be exhausting, and some nights all you’re going to want to do is go home, get in your jammies, and eat something that is easy to get and decadent to taste, and Pelinti Pizza is just what your cravings will need! Offering delivery to most of our HR Vacations escapes, or take-out that you can pick up on your way back home, it’s the perfect way to enjoy an evening in. And because all their pizzas, sandwiches, and salads are created from locally sourced ingredients, you will be eating healthy as you indulge your cravings!

After Enjoying A Pizza in Hood River

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