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Traveling with food sensitivities & allergies?

Traveling with food sensitivities & allergies to Hood River?

Traveling is so much fun – the adventure, the new sites, the new foods!  Unless you are one of the thousands of people managing food sensitivities and allergies.  When our bodies don’t appreciate the culinary adventures, it can wreak havoc on the best planned family get together or vacation.  No matter how beautiful the landscape, how thrilling the water rafting or skiing, how gorgeous the hiking is –  if the body is in pain and discomfort the vaca is not enjoyable.  So, how to travel and still maintain body positive meals?

First, planning ahead of time can help you have a good idea of which restaurants and groceries might be able to cater to your dietary needs.  Here in Hood River, we are lucky to have most restaurants with clear menu signage dictating what items are GF, DF etc.   For some really yummy, healthy and easy to digest options, try Remedy Juice Cafe downtown or The Farm Stand in the Heights.  Recently opened ~ this delightful new gluten free bakery in Bingen, WA is just 5 minutes from Hood River- Columbia Gorge Gluten Free Bakery

Another great option for travelers with food sensitivities – Vacation homes!  The best way to travel and continue to eat in a healthy way that supports sensitive digestive tracts is to make sure you have a clean, well equipped kitchen to use.  One thing that is always missing from standard hotel rooms is a good, easy to use kitchen so gluten free, dairy free, grain free meals (or whatever dietary restriction you might be working with) can be prepared and enjoyed without a lot of hassle.  Vacation homes are great for this since they usually are fully stocked with pots and pans, stove/oven and refrigerator instead of the usual hotel microwave and mini fridge.  Hood River Vacation Rentals has a huge selection of quality homes in a wide range of budgets for any group- from one person to 20!

Whatever challenging opportunities your body might be offering, you can still travel in style and enjoy the Columbia Gorge with a few minutes of planning and body supportive choices.  You deserve to feel good and take a vacation too!

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