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drinks at one of the best coffee shops in hood river

Best Coffee Shops in Hood River

Jitter juice, rocket fuel, java, or a plain old cup of joe—whatever you call your caffeinated drink of choice, you know that a good cup of coffee will always be your friend! Unfortunately, when traveling, you may not always know where to find that perfect cup of your dreams, and we all know that unlike pizza, there IS such a thing as bad coffee! Fortunately, your upcoming trip to Hood River is going to be a smooth one, because you booked with us, and we’ve compiled this guide to the best coffee shops in Hood River!

10 Speed Coffee Bar, 1412 13th Street

A coffee shop isn’t just a place you visit for a cup of joe; it’s a place to go for a sense of community and a feeling of belonging, and 10 Speed Coffee has mastered the art of it all. Serving delicious caffeine by the cup-full and offering a comfortable place to work on your laptop, talk with your friends,or simply sit by the window and stare off into space, this special shop is one of our favorites,and because we don’t want it to get too crowded, we only tell our very best friends about its existence!

One of the Best Coffee Shops in Hood River at Dog River Coffee Co, 411 Oak Street

The coffee community of Hood River can often be found relaxing on the couches in Dog River Coffee Company, enjoying apastry and a cuppa that goes down remarkably smoothly, making it another one of our local favorites. Also selling coffeemaking accessories, it’s a great place to pick up a new mug for your collectionas a memento of your fantastic Hood River getaway!

STOKED Roasters + Coffeehouse, 603 Portway Avenue#103

Modern and sleek, the coffee served at STOKED is roasted in-house daily, ensuring a smooth and delicious cup every time! In good weather, their outdoor seating area is often filled with fellow caffeine junkies getting their daily fix—a different flavor every visit, of course! If you can’t decide which flavor is for you during your visit, their tasting room allows you to sample them all before making the big decision!

No Need to Go Out

Your Hood River Vacation Rentals luxury getaway offers the perfect place to sit and sip: that chair in front of the fireplace on a cold winter’s night, the breakfast bar with its comfortable and sleek barstools in the kitchen, or on the balcony with a view of the sun rising over the mountains that surround our hometown. Buy the beans in town from one of the best coffee shops in Hood River, fix a pot in our fully-equipped kitchen, and sleep in a little longer during your Hood River vacation. Reserve your stay with us today!

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